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Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida
8th Edition
This handbook is designed to provide the most up to date information for building energy efficient homes in Florida's hot humid climate. The 8th edition reflects the Florida Building Code-5th edition (2014), which became the current code on July 1, 2015. This book will be used for the February 2016 and subsequent contractors exams.
ISBN 978-0-9852487-3-4

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Options for Clean Energy Financing Programs
Scalable Solutions for Florida's Local Governments

by Paul D'Arelli, Pierce Jones and Lawrence L. Ostema
Price: $18

In Options for Clean Energy Financing Programs we delve into a deeper analysis of alternative structures for local government energy financing programs, including those not necessarily dependent on PACE, and identify potential scalable models for clean energy financing for local governments. This new publication also lays out the minimum program requirements that will be necessary to attract private investment capital and to create sustainable programs that will deliver community benefits beyond any initial pilot phase or use of initial stimulus or other funding.
ISBN-13 978-0-9852487-2-7
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Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Energy Conservation: Development Impacts Under Florida's HB 697

by Paul D'Arelli, Ujjval Vyas, Pierce Jones and Dennis Gilkey
Price $95

This 112-page policy analysis report will help developers, built environment professionals, and local governments manage the coming changes associated with the need to address climate change and long-term energy use and resources in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.
The report focuses on Florida's new requirements under House Bill 697 to include energy efficient land use patterns, greenhouse gas reduction strategies and energy conservation in future land use elements of local comprehensive plans. It summarizes experiences from California under similar requirements and outlines potential ways that developers, built environment professionals, and local governments can comply with Florida's bill. The report gives the development practitioner and local government planner the most current information on DCA's guidance for compliance, with anticipated updates to be made in future editions.
ISBN-13 978-0-9852487-1-0
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