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Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida
8th Edition

This handbook is designed to provide the most up to date information for building energy efficient homes in Florida's hot humid climate. The 8th edition reflects the Florida Building Code-5th edition (2014), which became the current code onJuly 1, 2015. The February 2016 contractors test and subsequent tests will be based on this edition
ISBN 978-0-9852487-3-4



Options for Clean Energy Financing Programs: Scalable Solutions for Florida's Local Governments

Delve into an analysis of alternative structures for local government energy financing programs, including those not dependent on PACE, and identify potential scalable models for clean energy financing for local governments. Minimum program requirements that will be necessary to attract private investment capital and to create sustainable programs that will deliver community benefits beyond any initial pilot phase or use of initial stimulus or other funding are covered.

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